Merhaba! Ben Minneapolisli Amina Beres – Hoşgeldiniz!

Amina performing Turkish Oryantal in Istanbul

Hello!  I’m Amina Beres in Minneapolis – Welcome!

I’m a Minneapolis-area dance instructor and the Artistic Director of Dans Askina Turkish Dance Ensemble. I began my Middle Eastern Dance journey in 1995 and spent the next 12 years learning, performing, and teaching Egyptian Oriental Dance, Arabic folkloric, American-style bellydance, American Tribal Style (ATS), and Tribal Fusion. 

But, none of these styles really clicked for me…..until 2007 when I began studying Turkish Oryantal and Turkish Romani dances,  and my dance path became clear. 

In 2009 I formed Dans Askina Turkish Dance Ensemble, the only dance troupe in Minnesota performing 3 distinct styles of Turkish dances – Turkish Oryantal, Turkish Romani, and Turkish Folk.  Over the next 4 years, I  continued learning from as many state-side Turkish dance instructors as I could find. 

In 2013, I began traveling yearly to Istanbul to study with Turkish dance experts in Oryantal, Romani, and Folk (since COVID-19 it’s been virtual studies.) I’ve performed folk dances with the Turkish American Association of Minnesota, danced with Romani musicians at the Hidrillez Festival in Edirne, Turkey, and Oryantal dances in Istanbul.  I’ve read numerous books on Turkish history, art, and culture. I’ve researched Ottoman court dances and continually work on learning the Turkish language. Almost all of my cookbooks are Turkish food recipes!  

I’ve been very fortunate!

All these experiences – plus an adopted Turkish dance family who let me know if I’m wrong about something – make me an experienced and knowledgeable resource for those wanting to learn Turkish dances, music, and culture.  I want to share what I, and the dancers of Dans Askina, have learned from our journeys to Istanbul, Izmir, Marmaris, and the Cappadocia region.

Check back monthly for topics, recipes, meanderings, and more!  Yakında görüşürüz!