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Vaccination ties to Turkey

According to the CDC website, smallpox has been documented since the 3rd century BC.  By the 6th Century smallpox had spread across India, Asia, Africa, and Turkey;  from the 11th to the 13th centuries, the Crusades spread it into Europe. Were you aware that the use of vaccinations to prevent epidemics has ties to the […]

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MENAHT Instructors – A New Term For How We’ve Historically Learned?

What is MENAHT? It’s an acronym for Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenic (Greece) and Turkish.  And, whether intended or not, it’s become a marketing catch-phrase that implies ‘if you don’t learn from a dancer from ‘x’ country, you can’t ever properly learn ‘y’ dance.’ What dismays me is I’ve heard this mantra repeatedly used from

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Zills – The Endangered Species

Something’s happened over my dance career…it doesn’t receive any press coverage like global warming does, but it is still a change in the bellydancing environment that concerns me. While students in classes learn the basic care and feeding requirements of zills, outside the classroom environment zills are rarely heard in their performance habitats. What’s happening

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Merhaba! Ben Minneapolisli Amina Beres – Hoşgeldiniz!

Amina performing Turkish Oryantal in Istanbul

Hello!  I’m Amina Beres in Minneapolis – Welcome! I’m a Minneapolis-area dance instructor and the Artistic Director of Dans Askina Turkish Dance Ensemble. I began my Middle Eastern Dance journey in 1995 and spent the next 12 years learning, performing, and teaching Egyptian Oriental Dance, Arabic folkloric, American-style bellydance, American Tribal Style (ATS), and Tribal

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