Minnesota Belly Dance History

Electric Arab Orchestra (EAO)

turkish eye

In 1986 the founding band members of Oasis formed The Electric Arab Orchestra.  They became an amplified, instead of acoustic, ensemble adding Electric Guitar and Oud (Rob Pearson), Electric Bass (Carl Posz), Darbuka (Jim Greeney), Rik and Darbuka (Michael Sullivan), Drum kit and Darbuka (Robin Anders), Synthesizers (Kahlil Lulu), Sax, Electric Violin, and Electric Mandolin (David Stenshoel), and Accordion (Mohamed Lulu). Devorah continued to dance with Electric Arab Orchestra in their performances.

EAO performed at First Avenue, the Ordway Theater, and the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis.  Other venues included the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and the Festival Internationale de Louisiane in Lafayette, Louisiana.

In 1987, EAO received the Minnesota Music Award for New Ethnic Band, and the standing members were inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.